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Online Goldmine is a new product that should be launched by Jamie Lewis on September 27th 2012.  Jamie Lewis has launched several products before. He is known in the Internet marketing arena. Based on what I know about him Jamie is very successful as far the amount of money he may actually be making online. I have had access to this product and I invite you to read this review for more information about it.

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Online Goldmine Review and Bonus: What is It About?

To start off this review, I can tell you already that there is a lot of content inside the member area. In fact, Jamie appears to have put as resources a lot of material he had produced before. The principal section is the live webinars section which should be talked about lower in this Online Goldmine Review.



Bonus Videos Database (Webinars)

There are a total of 52 videos in this section. Based on what I have seen, these videos are actually webinars. At least one of these webinars comes from the somewhat expensive IM with Jamie course (I don’t know if it is the version 2 or the version 1 of the course).

I have clearly not tried to watch all the videos. Otherwise, I would have had to postpone writing this review even more than I already did. From what I have watched, these videos talk about different facets of Internet marketing, different strategies to make an income online.

IM with Jamie is priced at over $100. Thus, Having one or more videos from this course inside the members’ area is definitely a plus.

Visual Instructions And Assistance

When getting this product you may want to check out the left sidebar for the Visual Instructions And Assistance section. there you should find links to image overview of different methods to earn money online.

Downloadable Resources

Additionally to the 52 bonus videos and the image overview, there is for instance the Downloads section. This section contains for instance guidance type resource, disclaimers templates, contracts templates, banner templates, market research files, website templates for Internet marketing but also many products, with thank you pages, affiliate pages, index pages (without the sales letter) and more.

If you were to upload these files on your server and model a successful and honest sales page, you would have products that can virtually lead you to earn 100% profit because you would not be an affiliate in this case.

There are over 30 ebooks from more than one popular niche that could be sold for complete profit.

For religious reasons I could not engage myself into all the niches presented there. Please note that the ebooks that can be sold are (for those that I have seen) not like what I would expect a PLR (private label right) to be. In fact, there can be very long in terms of content. Consequently, I think that it could make a person selling them feel like he/she is truly bringing value to those who purchase the books from him/her.

*Live Webinars*

There are several sections that make up the product. However the most important section appears to be the Live Webinars‘ section where there are currently 19 webinars that are scheduled for up to November 29, 2012.  A person who gets the normal course can register to 4 live webinars. A person who has upgraded can register to 24 live training sessions.

In order to avoid showing the full links for the webinar registration, I have cut the following screenshot at a certain point.

I believe that this is actually where most of the value may come from. Getting an exclusive one on one coaching with someone like Jamie may be very expensive and I expect these web conferences to be the place where the buyers get to really profit from this product authored by him.

Done For You Campaigns

A section that I appreciated is the Campaign section. There you get some Done For You campaigns. There are over 70 campaigns there. For the campaign that I have seen you could normally plug it into a PPC platform. The keywords were already given as well as the cpc (cost per click). These campaign tend to be for high end products with commissions per sale than can in some case go well beyond the $10,000 mark.

What I disliked

I think that the members’ area could have been fancier. While the most important is what we get out of the training, I think that a members area that is very appealing graphically can also be cool.

Secondly, the visual instructions could have been in their own section. I think that having these links in the sidebar can be confusing as to where the most value is located in the course.

What I liked

First and foremost, I don’t think there is much doubt as to whether or not Jamie is successful.I think that being taught by some one who is actually successful is extremely advantageous. This is really important when you do not want to spend hours and your cash on a method that the seller has not been truthful to you about. At this time, I do not know what the webinars will be about, but I see in the seller of the product experience that could help a person who wants to become successful at Internet marketing.

Secondly, there is also a lot of content in the video section of the course . Because looking for the magic button is something that many of us have been victims of, buyers may want to condition their mind to focus on this course because being able to complete steps on schedule can be really rewarding.

Finally, having campaigns given to you by an experienced Internet marketer may mean that you are leveraging the time and the money he may have spent testing these campaign. From a pay per click stand point this can be a lot.

I really encourage you to get your copy of Jamie Lewis’s course if you can and start registering for the webinars.

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