Cross Channel MOJO by Mike Koenigs?

Cross Channel MOJO also called internally Cross Channel Marketing MOJO by Mike Koenigs is supposed to roll in next week. It is likely to be different from the usual internet marketing products from the information I have. For more, please continue to read this post.

Before telling you about these changes that I find to be interesting, I could add that the product was initially supposed to be called Mobile Marketing Machines. In fact, I had started a page targeting this product’s name.

This being, today I watched a video of Mike Koenigs. In the video, Mike explained that the name of the product had been changed and he gave some information that makes this launch an exeptional launch as far as I can tell.

Many internet marketers may already be aware of the fact that Mike Koenigs is a prominent figure in Traffic Geyser. Traffic Geyser is a product that permits to syndicate videos accross many video sharing sites like Youtube. This service also allows to syndicate other types of content. Podasts being one of them. Actually, one of the things that Mike Koenigs did was to give a valuable free course for Traffic Geyser that taught how to create a video.

Concerning Cross Channel Mojo, he said himself that: “The videos are going to be absolutely amazing. Today I am shooting all the main footage and the scripts.”

Therefore, if it is possible, check out this launch next week…

Mike Koenigs added about Cross Channel Mojo that: “It is much bigger than mobile”. As this product may go beyond the mobile niche this maybe an interesting product to get if you can.

The two main sites are supposed to be: and However, the last time I checked these links did not host a site.

The pre-launch is supposed to start next week. To give you more details, I could say that the first video should be up on December 8th 2011. The second video should be live on the 11th, the third on the 13th and the fourth video, the last one, on the 14th of December. With this launch the cart should close on the 18th of December.

I expect Mike Koenigs to provide a good product. In fact, he said at one point: “At the end of the day, this is all about delighting our prospects and our customers [with] a great content, education [...]“. Thus, I do not think that we have in front of us a person who is trying to make a launch that will only serve his interests.

Mike Koenigs plans to be able to take orders by phone. Moroever a feature like payment by check is also one of the elements that makes me see this launch differently than previous product launches that I know about. Generally speaking, if paying by credit/debit card has been something that bothered you when trying to aquire a product online, it seems that this new option broadens the horizon.

Furthermore, based on the video it appears to me that customer service is not an aspect of the product that has been forgotten.

I truly invite you to be onthe look for this product and check ou my site in case Ihave more to share wih you as far as information about the product or a bonus in case I do one.

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